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Piso Pizza

Available with a purchase of any Large Pan Pizza ala carte in the following flavors: Hawaiian Supreme, Bacon Margherita, Supreme, Chicken Supreme, Italian Delight, Bacon Cheeseburger Supreme, Super Supreme, and Meat Lovers.

Exclusive for delivery

Big Delivery Feast 999

1 Large Hawaiian Supreme
1 Large Bacon Cheeseburger Supreme
1 Family Spaghetti Bolognese
Choice of Cheesy Pesto Pretzel or Kit Kat Pops
1 1.5L Pepsi

Hot Deals 499

Pizza 1 + Pizza 2 (Choose one of each)

Pizza 1 : Choice of either : Large Italian Delight, Large Bacon Cheeseburger Supreme, or Large Cheese Lovers Pan Pizza
Pizza 2 : Choice of either : Large PANALO Hawaiian or PANALO Cheesy Garlic Pan Pizza

Supreme Hot Deals 699

Large Super Supreme Pan Pizza + Large Meat Lovers Pan Pizza

Supreme Hot Deals 829

Composed of: Large Hawaiian Supreme Pan Pizza, Large Bacon Cheeseburger Pan Pizza, and Large Supreme Pan Pizza.

Supreme Hot Deals 599

Enjoy one Large Specialty Pan Pizza and a Panalo Pizza all for just P599.

Cheesy Bacon Baked Rice

Cheesy cheddar rice tossed with crispy bacon and topped with mozzarella cheese

Mexican Beef Baked Rice

Savory saucy Mexican beef mixed with rice, corn, carrots, green peas and topped with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese

PANALO Delivery

Get this Panalo offer for just P299. Choose between these two flavors: Cheesy Carbonara and Meaty Barbeque

Sausage rolls

Our own sausage recipe baked in soft dough and topped with melted cheese.

Cheesy Pesto Pretzel

Cheddar cheese and pesto rolled in soft dough and baked to perfection. 6 pieces per serving, served with sweet marinara sauce.

Bacon Mac and Cheese

A childhood favorite made with crispy bacon and real cheddar baked fresh from the oven.